FUNCTIONAL MEASUREMENT: Verrata® Pressure Guide Wire

Experience The Freedom Of...

Untethered Steering – from Tip to Clip

Many factors impact wire performance including tip design, wire support and torque response. Fundamental to guide wire handling is the ability to maneuver the wire untethered. The Verrata® pressure guide wire quickly disconnects and reliably reconnects, freeing physicians to steer just like a frontline wire. Evaluate Verrata today and experience the freedom of untethered steering from tip to clip.

Verrata ® Pressure Guide Wire Workflow
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  • Quickly Disconnect

  • Untethered Steering

  • Reliably Reconnect

  • Secure Signal

  • Industry standard flat-tip construction for easy tip shaping and tip shape retention.
  • Preformed J-shaped tip is always directed toward the sensor, guarding against whipping artifact.
Industry Standard Flat-Tip Construction

Comparative Tip Load1
1. Tip Load, n=5 of each wire, data on file at Volcano Corporation.

  • New proximal wire design resists kinks and repels moisture.
  • New clip connector provides multiple back up contact points for a secure signal.
  • Verrata® Pressure Guide Wire allows free wire rotation when connected.

Verrata Videos

How To Connect Verrata

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Order Information:

Model Length Tip
10185 185 cm Straight
10185J 185 cm J-Tip
10300 300 cm Straight
10300J 300 cm J-Tip

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